Wednesday, March 7


assalamualaikum w.r.t.

hello readers!
my mood is not in the proper situation.
sometimes down, up, going forward, backward again.
how could i wish to a stable mood always!
repeat, ALWAYS.
bck to the topics.
planning to have some good future with the love ones!
we have decided.
we asked our parent.
we asked our siblings.
they all agreed!

somehow, i feel we had our agreement such in a hurry.
you know what?
im only 23 this year.
yesterday my sis did gave me some 'tazkirah' according wedding.
*according her experience actually.

she said im only 23 wanna be and
asked me that am i really ready enough either physically or mentally to get married?
i donno what to say to her.
that is why im being worry to much about this.
am i ready for this?
if im not, can i draw bck?
can i?
only HIM knows.

#really need to think it bck.
#AYU, you still have 1 year to think before it is too late.

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